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Public transportation in Rio

Rio is a very large city, but it is relatively easy to move in trough tourist areas. Our recommendation is to use the Metro whenever possible. Major tourist attractions are also not affected by city traffic, which can be very intense, depending on the location and time.

If you spend more time in the city, Tariff RioCard is a good choice to pay for transportation. It can pay for all transportation from the city: local bus, BRT, VLT, subway, train, and even ferry. This is a personal card that can be prepaid, but not used to pay for somebody else.

You can see all the information online at

There is also a service called “Metro-Bus Integration”, which connects some city points by integrating the metro with the bus.

Below we list the main transportation methods and briefly describe each transportation method.


Subway It is faster because it avoids heavy traffic in the city. This is a safety way of transport including a special station wagon for women, noticed by the pink collor, but in all big cities, you should always be vigilant and always may pay attention to your pockets. If you have a wallet and the metro is full, it is recommended that you put it in the bag instead of spreading it out. If you take Line 2 from Maracanã to Pavuna, which passes through the outer suburbs lines, it is recommended to pay more attention.

It is important to remember that some lines pass through the same platform, so you must ensure that you get the correct train. Payment methods for tickets you may buy at the station tickets machines, ( Prepaid MetroRío tickets). They have the same price, and the price is the same as in the label, and avoid sticking in the long queues of rush hours.

The Rio de Janeiro Metro’s opening hours are from 5:00 am to 12:00 am from Saturday to Saturday, and from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm on Sundays. During The Carnival time, the metro is open 24 hours a day.

You can see the lines and more information on the
official Metro website.


Rio de Janeiro is found in the bay, so you can go to some places by boat. The most famous ship is to Niteroi City, operated by CCR Barcas, Every 20 minutes.

In addition to avoiding traffic, this is a very beautiful walking path with great views of the city. In the same place, there are boats to Paqueta Island, that seems to have stopped in time.



This is the cable car for the 2016 Olympic Games, mainly circulating in the city center. Opening hours are from 06:00 to 24:00. This ticket is applicable to tickets prepaid in the same vehicle.


There are several types of buses circulating in the city, Ordinary buses are identified by 3 digits, and special and up graded ones are identified by 4 digits in blue. These are the most comfortable and air-conditioned. In both cases, the tickets are paid directly to the driver in cash. It is important to change at any time.

BRS: City line, divided into 5 groups: BRS 1, BRS 2, BRS 3, BRS 4 and BRS5. Concept buses and these buses only can be take at the corresponding stops. You may check your destination to find out on which group it belong to take the right bus at the right stop;

BRT: They are cars that circulate on dedicated tracks in cities because they are faster. 3 lines circulating in Trascarioca, Transoeste and Transolímpica. To pay for BRT, RioCard must be used. You can see the tray and plan your itinerary on the company website


Taxis and Ubers are all over the city and are easy to find even at night.

The main applications used by locals for transportation are 99Taxis, Easy Taxi, Taxi Rio, MyTaxi and Uber. We recommend using Uber because of its low price and good service.

On the city council website you can find the taxi fare.


Bike in Rio, a goog idea is a public bicycle system sponsored by BancoItaú, some private companies rent bicycles to get the best choice. The famous orange bicycle can be found in the main towns of the city.

If you can purchase a daily pass with a credit card without registering, please call 4003 6054.

The other option is the monthly fee that you can buy on the website

some of the personal data required to provide monthly allowances may be more difficult for international tourists, such as CPF (foreigners can tell their passport number), home phone number (can be a hotel or mobile phone number, and must be from Brazil).