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Like any other big city, Rio de Janeiro is also considered dangerous, but if you take some precautions, it is very likely that anything bad will not happen. Every year we receive thousands of tourists, the proportion of theft or robbery is very small.

Please consider the following tips for a safe experience:

– Don’t carry a lot of cash. In Rio de Janeiro, you can pay with a credit card almost anywhere, and they have many ATMs.

– Avoid secluded places, alleys and slums without tou guides.
Avoid lonely places, alleys and favelas without a guide

– At night, choose the busiest street and walk on the sidewalk closest to that street.

– It is strongly recommended to bring travel insurance.

– Don’t open the map on the street. Before traveling, determine where you want to go, download the app and record the address correctly.

– Don’t wear flashy clothes and expensive accessories.

– If you have any questions, it is best to ask at your local store.

– Do not take irregular transportation or vans (minibuses) that provide illegal transportation services..

– Bus and subway are cheap and safe transportation systems, please be careful not to display expensive objects.

– The favelas, (slums) of Santa Marta, Rocinha, Babilônia and Vidigal, managed to “pacify themselves” and are full of hotels, hostels and restaurants for tourists. Many agencies and neighborhood cooperatives of the favelas themselves, organize guided tours.

Remember, the best advice for traveling to Rio is to be cautious, not to be so confident, not obsessed to enjoy , but always with your eyes open.