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Where to eat in rio

Rio has a very good gastronomy with a wide variety of restaurants and bars to satisfy all tastes. Depending on whether you fancy a quick snack, a light and healthy meal, or sitting at a table and trying different types of meat until you are full, you should choose one type of place or another. Below we explain you the main ones.


The famous “churrascarias rodizio” are grilled meat restaurants where the waiters bring various types of cuts to the table on the skewers on which they are roasted and also usually have a free buffet with side dishes and other dishes. Normally you can eat whatever you want for a fixed price and the drink is paid separately.

Our selection of churrascarias: Churrascaria Palace, Churrascaria Carretão, Marius, Churrascaria Fogo de Chão y Assador Rio’s.


In Rio, “comida a kilo” restaurants are very popular. It consists of a buffet with various types of food where you serve your plate yourself and then pay for its weight. Free buffets are similar with the difference that you can eat whatever you want for a fixed price. The kilo food restaurants are all over the city and are usually segmented by types of food: mixed, healthy, churrasco, vegan, etc.


The “lanchonetes” and zumerías are one of the favorite places of the “cariocas” (natives of Rio), from where they serve fast foods and various meriendas. Typical is to order “salgados” (salted snacks, mainly asado or fried), and a taste of any fruit, enjoying a tropical climate that provides a wide variety of fruits throughout the year. If possible, opt for fresh fruit instead of frozen pulp.

Some of the most typical “salgados” are: coxinha de frango, pastel de carne, queso o pollo, risole de camarón y joelho de jamón y queso.

when trying to taste also the typical “açaí na tijela”; we assure you that it will enchant you and you are also considered a superfood due to the amount of antioxidants it contains.

Our selection of “lanchonetes”: BigBi Sucos, Kicê Sucos, Total Sucos y Hiper Mate.


Another option in the seafood restaurants where you can enjoy a “crab cone” followed by a large fresh fish or a delicious “fish muqueca”, accompanied by a cold beer looking out to sea.

Our selection: Mondego, Príncipe de Mônaco y La Maison.


If you’re hungry at 2 a.m, you can opt for the 24-hour restaurants and bars.

Our selection: Eclipse Bar e Café Bar Stalos (ambos en Copacabana)